Working at R&D CORE challenging and hard work, but is also extremely inspiring and it's certainly never boring.

We are proud to have a team of people from around the world that share the same values and goals in life - a great team willing to turn stuff on its head, work late into the night and come up with terrific solutions that enhance and enrich human life. We are always looking to fuel our innovation engine, actively encouraging people to submit their needs and problems. No matter how small, or big!

We want to encourage people to think innovatively, to start observing their environment and identifying the problems they have been living with and taking for granted.

Be part of our great team and help fuel our innovation engine!


  • Production Line Technician (part-time) ref: 151021

    We are looking for a part-time Production Line Technician with the potential to become full-time:



    - Incoming parts inspection

    - Inspect, test and repair electronic boards

    - Assemble & test high-tech products

    - Product packaging and shipment


    Necessary Skills:

    - SMD soldering

    - Use of test equipment such as multimeters and oscilloscopes

    - Basic computer skills

    - Work with a engineers

    - Safe work practices

    - You must be self-driven, independent and highly energetic


    We offer a competitive salary, based on experience and skills, with potential for rapid growth. Interested candidates please submit your resume, the position you are applying for and your expected rate/salary.


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